Nancy Lee uit Breda

Nancy uit Breda

Wat is mijn drijfveer?

The drive in my life is curiousity.  I want to see and find out  new things and discovering new things.  My drive is adventures and pushing the imit and boundary. Challenging myself to unknown area. 

Wat maakt mij gelukkig?

What makes me happy is to be send out to countries and photographes new places, i love discovering new sites, shops, restaurants, attractions parks etc. Or if i can make beautiful photos of specail moments for my clients and hen i see them happy with the results.  What makes me happy is to have the freedom and space to express myself. 

Waarom is fotografie voor mij een bijzonder vak?

The funny thing is that i used to not beleive in photography. I believed that i can remember all the nice moments and places where i have been with my memories . This believed was until a friend of mine has given me a camera before i left for Brasil from Hong Kong in 1997. I have made alot of travelling photos while i was in Africa to begin with...than i enrolled myself in Escola Panamericana Escola des artes in Sao Paulo, Brasil9 1999-2000.  When i came to live in Breda, I applied to St. Joost Kunstacademie, the reason is that i wanted to find out what photography can be more to me. I am sportive, active, and i am a bit obcess with colors and repeated patterns. you can see all of them in my photos , expecially in my art project: Global Village.  I love swimming, high intensive training, travelling. 

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