Emma Schoenmakers uit Zwolle

Emma uit Zwolle

Wat is mijn drijfveer?

I want my clients to have beautiful pictures of the people they love and my motivation is for them to feel happy when they will look at these pictures throughout the years.

I like capturing little details, eyes full of love, a sudden laugh. That's why I love photographing families and children in particular.

Weddings are also special occasions with beautiful emotions and memories to capture.

I want to deliver perfect pictures to my clients, that's why I often retouch them to optimise every picture and make a beautiful moment look exceptional.

Wat maakt mij gelukkig?

When I see kids laughing and playing, the beauty of nature, taking pictures of people and animals, seeing the smiles of my clients when I deliver them beautiful pictures, capturing a moment or a detail that no one else noticed.

Apart from being with my family and friends, I'm never happier than when I'm holding my camera!

Waarom is fotografie voor mij een bijzonder vak?

Being a photographer is what I was meant to be and what makes me the happiest.

I always meet new people, who I can give some happiness to with my pictures and I never stop learning new things, it never gets boring!

It also allows me to express my creativity and sensitivity and to share it with the world.

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