Elise Ntoremi uit Rotterdam

Elise uit Rotterdam

Wat is mijn drijfveer?

Firstly passion is photography and secondly work for me! Since I started there is no day without a photo!

I'm open to new ideas and really enjoy working with enthusiastic people!

Wat maakt mij gelukkig?

Meet new places and people, traveling and playing music! 

Waarom is fotografie voor mij een bijzonder vak?

Τhrough a photo you can travel,
feel, remember.
A photo can hide the truth or uncover a lie.
Τhrough photography one discovers a new way to approach things and people.
Ιt's usefull nice to know thatthere's something left, what others saw and lived.
Α picture speaks a thousand words
and so does a melody ...
I love to travel, take photos and make music.
Simply Because They make me feel beautiful!

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