Jurriaan Huting uit Nijmegen

Jurriaan uit Nijmegen

Wat is mijn drijfveer?

Hi, my name is Jurriaan 

and I am a lifestyle photographer based in Nijmegen the Netherlands.? For me it is a way to express my creativity and capture great moments within just one frame.
My style could be described as vintage meets new. I use a combination of analogue and current techniques to create the most qualitative and natural approach. With a creative eye I always aim for the best possible result which meet my clients’ goals. In my spare time I love to go out, explore the beautiful world around me and capture it with my camera.

Wat maakt mij gelukkig?


During my eleven years (and counting) career I have developed my focus within three areas of expertise:

*Interior | Architecture

I have the pleasure of working for many brands such as Philips, Ekoplaza, Rituals, KOOC and Kavel & Huis magazine. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio.

Let’s collaborate! Hope to meet you soon,

Waarom is fotografie voor mij een bijzonder vak?



*Enjoying life by travelling, listening music, watching TV shows and spending time with friends and family
*Cool collaborations with fellow creatives
*Working towards future goals like expanding my online and social media presence, exploring ‘old’ techniques in a future proof manner and expand my portfolio with an amazing shoot in North-America.

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